Karate classes for adults

We offer dedicated classes for adult beginners and for more experienced members.

Learn karate at your own pace with Karate Christchurch

Karate offers many benefits to adults wanting to improve their wellbeing, fitness or self-confidence. Our dojo (place of learning) encourages development at your own pace in a safe, encouraging environment.

Support for your karate goals

Some members like to compete while others use our classes to provide a base for developing fitness, strength and flexibility at your own pace.

Classes for all adult abilities

You're never too old to learn karate. We have classes  for adult beginners (and those getting back into karate) and for the more experienced.

A safe environment to learn

Our dojo is a dedicated space and class, so you'll not have distractions from other classes, allowing you to focus on learning without feeling self-conscious.

Why learn karate?

This ancient discipline offers a wealth of benefits for adults of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you're seeking self-defence skills, a demanding workout, or a path to personal growth, karate holds the key to unlocking your full potential.

Empower Yourself
Practice practical self-defence techniques and gain the confidence to handle challenging situations while building the physical strength and mental clarity necessary for self-protection.
Ignite Your Fitness
Experience a full-body workout like no other. Karate combines cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises, while enhancing coordination, balance, and agility.
Sharpen Your Mind
Challenge yourself mentally as well as physically. Karate demands focus, discipline, and perseverance, honing your concentration and mental agility. Learn valuable life skills like goal setting, overcoming challenges, and building self-esteem.
Find Your Community
Join a supportive network of fellow students who share your journey. Build camaraderie, forge lasting friendships, and learn from experienced instructors dedicated to your progress.

Adult beginner and senior classes

We offer evening classes for all abilities. You can view our timetable or contact us for more information.

Would you like to try us for free?

You can try a lesson (or two) at our Phillips Street dojo. Contact us for more information about the best class to try for your age and ability.