Develop your karate skills and confidence at Karate Christchurch

Our focus is on self improvement and enjoyment, with emphasis on participation.

Karate Christchurch

We believe Karate is a holistic discipline suitable for people of all ages, levels of experience and abilities.

We offer a range of kids and adults karate classes weekdays at various Dojo (places of learning) around Christchurch. We encourage students to be their best, with Karate Christchurch students and instructors enjoying much success regularly competing at regional, national and international events.

We invite prospective students to join us, and learn the art of Goju-Ryu Karate.

About Karate Christchurch

Karate Christchurch has a strong membership of both junior and senior students holding grades ranging from White Belt (10th kyu) to Black Belt (Shodan Ho) and beyond.

Our sensei and sempai

Karate Christchurch is run by a group of Pat Shihan’s senior students. As individuals, we have achieved national and international honours as athletes, coaches and judges. As a team, we are passionate about sharing our experience and knowledge with our students and have supported many to achieve their own success.

Why learn karate?

Karate is one of the best things you can do for yourself or your child. It is a great way of keeping fit, encourages self discipline and teaches self defence.

Promotes coordination
Karate creates a mind-body connection through repetition and muscle memory
Builds confidence
In both interactions with others and in seeing the student develop their skills
Encourages strength and flexiblity
Karate develops a natural strength, balance and coordination as you learn
Develops discipline and mindfulness
There are no shortcuts to a black belt and progress is only made through practice!

Karate Christchurch would like to thank the following for supporting us with funding and grants to help keep our club thriving

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Would you like to try us for free?

You can try a lesson (or two) at our Phillips Street dojo. Contact us for more information about the best class to try for your age and ability.