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Jitsuei Kai Karate Christchurch – 464 Tuam St

The Jitsuei Kai Karate Do was founded in Christchurch in 1980 by Sensei Pat McGregor. Pat established 5 dojos in Christchurch and built the club into one of the stongest in New Zealand. At the time of his death in 2015 Sensei Pat was New Zealand’s only 7th dan Jitsuei Kai instructor as well as being graded to JKF Goju Kai 7th dan and Karate NZ 8th dan. The club now is coached by a team of highly graded black belts with a combined 120+ years of karate training under him.

Karate training for people of all ages is held five days a week at various Dojo (places of learning) around Christchurch, see the Time Table. The club welcomes people of all levels of experience and has strong membership from White Belt (beginner) all the way to Black Belt and beyond

The emphasis of the club is on participation, with enjoyment and self improvement being the main focus. Members are encouraged to be their best and this can translate into participation at regional, national and international competitions.Competitions are held for students of all ages and the club has enjoyed much success at all levels, see Results. Karate is a holistic discipline and there is opportunity in the art of Goju-Ryu Karate to keep learning for life.


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