8 Phillips Street. Phillipstown. Christchurch
Mon - Thur: 15:45 - 20:30 Fri: 17:00 - 18:00

Prize Giving

The Sensei would like to congratulate everyone involved in the club for such a fantastic year. There have been a lot of changes, we have moved out of our old Dojo premise, occupied a temporary premise, and moved into our new Dojo Space. This is something Shihan Pat McgGregor would be very proud of. During the Covid 19 Lockdown we had students contributing to online seminars and Sky Sport skills sessions. The support from our Committee, parents and students has been outstanding.

We are all looking forward to 2021. Enjoy your well deserved break.

Thank you again, from all the Sensei.

Boys Under 11 years

Nominations: Jacob Leeming, Nathan Ursua, Louie Van Keulen

Winner: Jacob Leeming

Girls Under 11 years

Nominations: Ephelia Paxie, Taiho Watene, Ella Zhang

Winner: Ella Zhang

Boys under 16 years

Nominations: Lucas Weerts, James McRobie, Finn Van Keulen, Connor MacKenzie, Connor McRobie, Christian Birch

Winner: James McRobie,

Girls under 16 years

Nominations: Olivia Eady, Chantelle Xiong, Scarlett Gray

Winner: Olivia Eady,

Men 16 years +

Nominations: John McLachlan, Jeremy Leeming, Dave Stiven

Winner: John McLachlan,

Women 16 years +

Nominations: Ella Harris, Lisa de Haan, Anita Ayrton, Robin Major, Cindy Xiong

Winner: Ella Harris,

Most Improved Male

Nominations: Elliot Weerts, James McRobie, Connor McRobie, Lachlan Crabbe, Connor MacKenzie

Winner: Connor MacKenzie

Most Improved Female

Nominations: Jules Ryder, Robin Major, Ephelia Paxie

Winner: Jules Ryder

Outstanding Athlete

Nominations: Ella Harris, Charlotte Palmer, Finn Van Keulen, Grace Glausiuss

Winner: Ella Harris

Contribution to the Club

Nominations: Simon Savill, Sophie Savill, Dean Wiseman, Jeremy Leeming, Heather Cooper, George Glausiuss

Winner: George Glausiuss

Pat McGregor Memorial Trophy

Nominations: Dean Wiseman, Ella Harris

Winner: Dean Wiseman

Medbury Karate Ka of the Year

Nominations: Connor MacKenzie, Lachlan Crabbe, Mathew Rawstron 

Winner: Lachlan Crabbe

Cashmere Karate Ka of the Year

Nominations: James McRobie, Connor McRobie, Grace Glausiuss

Winner: Connor McRobie