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Mr. Yamaguchi Gogen was the first President of Goju-Kai (Kai means school / organisation ; Ryu means more style / vaguely school sometimes). One year later he left and Mr. Uehara was nominated. As ‘Acting president’ for few years and then Mr. Shozo Ujita. 

Mr. Gogen Yamaguchi named his organization as ‘Zennihon (all Japan) Karate-Do Goju-Kai’. We named our Goju-Kai as Japan Karate-Do Federation Goju-Kai (Renmei Goju-Kai). 

So now there are two Goju-Kai in the world but our Goju-Kai is affiliated with J.K.F. directly to represent Goju-Kai in Japan. 

Jitsuei-Kai was started as an Osaka YMCA Karate-Do club and affiliated with Seigo-Kan. When J.K.F. Goju-Kai Osaka branch was formed, it separated from Seigo-Kan as our Mr. Tanaka was member of J.K.F. Goju-Kai establishment.