8 Phillips Street. Phillipstown. Christchurch
Mon - Thur: 15:45 - 20:30 Fri: 17:00 - 18:00

Dean Wiseman

6th Dan Black Belt

Dean started training at Shi-Sei-Kan (now Jitsuei Kai) with Sensei Pat McGregor in 1985 as he thought this would be a good cross training for his main sport, Rugby League. However, karate soon became addictive for Dean and rugby League became a game he used to play!

Over the years Dean has competed and trained countries around the world including Singapore, Japan and the UK.

Dean is now back home in Christchurch, coaching & training at the club where it all started for him. Dean says “It is thanks to Pat Sensei’s incredibly high standards and his insistence that all his students give their very best, it is no surprise that his dojo is held in such high regard internationally”. Dean feels so fortunate to be able to share his experiences and contribute all that he can to the mana of Jitsuei Kai Karate.

Prospective students are encouraged to watch, or try a class. Simply register yourself, or your child, by contacting Dean using the contact form.

Parents/ caregivers are welcome to observe from our upstairs viewing room.