8 Phillips Street. Phillipstown. Christchurch
Mon - Thur: 15:45 - 20:30 Fri: 17:00 - 18:00


Pat McGregor Shihan founded Shi Sei Kan Karate Do, a dojo teaching traditional Karate at the Christchurch YMCA in 1980. Since then he and his instructors have taught thousands of students, including a significant number who have achieved national and international honors. Pat Shihan passed away in December 2015 & the club continues to operate being run by a group of his senior students, Dean Wiseman Sensei (6th dan black belt), George Glausiuss Sensei (5th dan), Sophie Savill Sensei (4th dan) & Gary White Sensei (4th dan) and Heather Cooper (3rd dan).

You can find us at:

8 Phillips Street. Phillipstown. Christchurch

Monday-Thursday: 3.45PM – 8.30PM

Friday: 5PM – 6PM